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Employees are the most vulnerable layer of security. Powered Cybersecurity Training provides the tools to change that.

As your infrastructure response gets more robust with the different layers of security, the final layer is becoming a lopsided vulnerability statistic. Your employees are the last line of defense so they need to have the most current and relevant cybersecurity information available to ensure they have a high security IQ. They need to be able to recognize evolving cybercriminal activity across all platforms of communication. (Sign up for a Demo on APR 8th or 9th)

Cybercriminals continually change tactics to take advantage of growing technology platforms, but one thing has remained a constant, SMBs are the most attacked business group. So keeping your employees current with all things cybercrime is critical. SoS Powered Cybersecurity Training is completely automated quarterly education and randomized monthly phishing simulation solution that ensures that no matter what direction the cyber-landscape takes, your employees will never be left behind. Who knows what scam will hit in two years, with Powered, you don’t have to worry about sounding the alarm, we are already on it. (Sign up for a Demo on APR 8th or 9th)