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Cyber Security

It is no surprise, technology flattens the world for many businesses. What’s more, nearly every business sector, especially Texas based businesses, find it necessary to collect, maintain, analyze, and monetize user data. Many think Cybersecurity risks only apply to highly regulated industries, such as legal, healthcare and financial services. This simply isn’t the case.

Cybersecurity Risks Go Beyond Borders

Factors outside any industry, including geographic considerations and sensitive consumer data, can create cybersecurity risks that need to be managed. These factors run the gamut of domestic and international laws, regulatory bodies, and private-party business agreements. Cybersecurity compliance can touch every business to some degree—even the SMB businesses here in San Antonio, Texas.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Cybersecurity

Adding to the list of concerns are non-traditional technologies entering your businesses network. IP-enabled technology called Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly being adopted in the workplace. The Cybersecurity threat is moving beyond desktops, laptops and services. A new generation of mobile devices–Point of Sale (POS), IP video surveillance, embedded sensors, VoIP, and others–is just the first wave of emerging technologies that need to be secured. Texas is an early adopter of these technologies so it makes it especially important to do an assessment of all the devices that will touch your network.

How to Minimize Cybersecurity Risks

There are many things a business can do to reduce Cybersecurity threats. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the following elements are the building blocks for a cybersecurity program:

  • Documented policies, procedures & standards
  • Asset management
  • Identity & access controls
  • Risk management
  • Vendor management
  • Physical & environmental security
  • Compliance
  • Privacy
  • Remote access
  • Data backups
  • Data destruction

Cybersecurity threats are a reality of today’s world—central Texas included. The risks of data compromise and/or loss can cost more than dollars; such risks can cost your reputation. Your business is only as secure as your network. If you have questions about your business needs, ask Ruben Jr at 210-651-5977 about how to manage Cybersecurity threats to your business.