About Us

About Us
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A1 BizCom began in 1984 with Ruben Pina Sr. and Cindy Pina under the name Talk Path Communications. We began with dialer work; traveling all over Texas in our little Ford Festiva (mind you it did not have A/C). A few years down the line we changed our name to Rio City Telephones and upgraded to a second phone line! This was big time for us back then.

Around the same time we started doing work in Mexico. For a few years we spent roughly 20% of the year in Mexico teaching future techs that would eventually take over our work. After training the techs, the Mexico work naturally dried up and we began concentrating more on San Antonio area businesses. This is when we began selling Samsung systems and have never looked back.

After operating under Rio City Telephones for only 5 years, we were faced with the reality that we were being confused with another local company that had a similar name. So, to avoid any more confusion, we changed our name to A1 BizCom. The name came from mashing two words together that summed up what we did best for customers, business communications.

In the past few years our technicians have gone through extensive training with Samsung, Avaya, IPitomy, and other IT companies to be certified in the latest technology. Staying up to date on the latest technology allows us to offer the best solutions to our customers. With new technology hitting the market at a record pace, our training and experience gives us the ability to handle these changes.Our claim to fame is quality, integrity, and value.

We want all our customers to feel they are getting the highest quality product and service for their company. It’s very important that our customers maintain trust with us because our integrity is of the utmost importance. Finally, the value that our customers get compared to other vendors is unmatched.



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